Kodama house / 児玉様邸

Location : Toyonaka, Osaka / 大阪府豊中市
ype : Private Garden / 住宅の庭

  1. Architectural design : SUGA ARCHITECTS OFFICE CO.LTD. / 株式会社菅匡史建築研究所
    Photo by : Yasunori Shimomura


The private garden for residence that is built on the slope at Toyooka,Osaka.
The gross area of the garden is approximately 600 square meters.
The site is very steep and there is a huge difference in height. It looks like the single story house built on the garden but it has a ground entrance at the third floor having the other two floors going down the slope. Constructor managed that with reinforced-concrete structure, concrete retaining walls and organizes slope. That makes some part of the slope going outward from the house.  We designed the landscape as the house stands on the hill to use these geographical features and distinctive shape.
The house be surrounded by a garden made of a deciduous trees, an evergreen trees, fruit trees and a lawn. Also has variedpaths strolling along the undalting landscape.

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